Serénykedés (The Hive)

This project is presented as a b-side of "The Line" with the idea of exploring deeper in the hometown of the accidented factory.

Ajka, with a population of around 30.000 inhabitants, falls around 150 kilometres away from Budapest, being one of those cities established during the comunist period as a satelite for huge industrial developments. The existence of bauxite and coal deposits made Ajka an obvious candidate for the industrialization plans of the country, which had been, during austrian-hungarian development, the granary of the empire. After comunism fall, and once exhasuted the old production system closely related with soviet needs, the national aluminium company was faced to an uncertain future. Without the proteccionism of this previous model, the old factories, with outdated machinery, were seen as a huge weight for the correct economic transition of the country and as it happened to most of the public companies, they were the subject of an accelerated privatization with a quite questionable transaction value.

Nowadays, we find a city inbetween two ages. An anachronistic hive, disenchanted from the utopia it was created for, but also disappointed with the discovery that the capital economy is not completely the promised miracle.