Turkmenistan. In a country with 5 million inhabitants on an extension similar than Spain with huge extensions of desert where only a few of the Turkmen nomadic heirs are brave to survive, stands Ashgabat, the politic and administrative capital of the country. An oasis of grandiosity in the middle of thirst and sand. Ashgabat has giant avenues, giant buildings, giant parks, giant statues, giant stadiums. However, it seems like a phantom place. A science-fiction scenery without so many actors.

Around fourty ministries have the duty to give job to most of the population. An a clever system of fidelity profits avoids this "castle in the sky" to fall down. What is the source of this muscle? We skipped something: Turkmenistan produces gas. A lot of gas. But, what if the gas is finished?

Well, when the gas is finished, let's hope the Oasis was not a Mirage in the middle of the endless desert.